About Our Club


Club Officers
President: Carole Ingram
President-Elect: Randy Atkins
Secretary: Kathy Bundy
Treasurer: Meredith Keene
Past-President: Troy Ward

John Perrill, Anna Graham, Bob Ellis, Woody Oakley, Andy Borgert, Mark McCain.

Sergeant-at-Arms:  Ray Harvey

2020-2021 Club Priorities: Sea Island Rotary Club Pri


The Sea Island Rotary Club was Chartered on March 19, 1980 with just 35 charter members. Since that time, the club has grown to a membership of more than 85 men and women represented from most industries in Northern Beaufort County, SC. We are committed to working with youth, helping our community and playing an active part in Rotary’s International Community Service Projects. Please take some time to visit our web site and learn more about Rotary and our Club.

We meet each Tuesday @ 12:00 P.M. at Quality Inn at Town Center, Beaufort SC. The members and guests enjoy a large buffet lunch and good fellowship. The formal meeting, usually featuring a guest speaker, runs to 1:00 P.M. We welcome visiting Rotarians. For directions from your current location please click here.

The Sea Island Rotary Club is identified by Rotary International as club 6262 and we are part of District 7770. We are a registered 503(c)4 non-profit organization.

Past Presidents
2019-2020Troy Ward
2018-2019Meredith Keene
2017-2018Mark Flasch
2016-2017Paul Moore
2015-2016Chuck Ingle
2014-2015Larry Meisner
2013-2014Mike Mashke
2012-2013Rion Salley
2011-2012Tom Perkins
2010-2011Randy Wall
2009-2010Marc Fisher
2008-2009Chris Baker
2007-2008Jerry Schulze
2006-2007Bob Gross
2005-2006Ed Saxon
2004-2005Gayle Bowen
2003-2004Ray Molony
2002-2003Mike O'Farrell
2001-2002D. C. Gilley
2000-2001Jack Cunningham
1999-2000John Barber
1998-1999Les Brediger
1997-1998Woody Oakley
1996-1997Syd Falk
1995-1996Lowell Keene
1994-1995Jim Grimsley
1993-1994Ed Wise
1992-1993Pete Pillow
1991-1992Charlie Gould
1990-1991Gerry Hutchinson
1989-1990George Brown
1988-1989Skeet Von Harten
1987-1988Buster Meeks
1986-1987Rusty Simpson
1985-1986John Perrill
1984-1985Tom Henrikson
1983-1984Ronny Tanner
1982-1983Danny Charpentier
-1982Lee Bollman
1981-Tom Burbage
1980-1981Curt Copeland