Feb 282015

On February 17 the Sea Island Rotary Club had a very informative presentation by Dick Stewart. Dick, a Beaufort native, worked in the telecommunications field in his first careers. Dick started with Motorola and then moved to MCI before starting his cell tower business. Dick hit the market right, did very well with his company, and was able to move back to Beaufort in the early 2000s. Instead of retiring as many would, Dick decided to invest in the community, as a business and to help revitalize downtown Beaufort. In addition, Dick serves on the boards of several local nonprofits, applying his business acumen and experience to help these foundations thrive. Dick is also a Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Beaufort.

Rotary 2-17-2015 (4)

Meredith and Ed are all ears

Rotary 2-17-2015 (1)

Dick Stewart tells us how to succeed in business by working hard – and smart!

Rotary 2-17-2015 (5)

Dave takes mental notes on how he’s going to grow his business and take over the town