Jun 152016

Rachel Wilson USCB

SI Rotary president Chuck Ingle and Rachel Wilson of USCB.

Sea Island Rotary club was very pleased to present Rachel Wilson of USCB, a check for $2,000.00 on Tuesday June 14th.  The monies will go to the Sea Island Rotary Endowed Scholarship fund, which will in kind fund two $1,500.00 scholarships.  One scholarship will be in John R. Perrill’s name, and the other Darwin B. Bashaw.

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Oct 072015

Sea Island Rotary was recognized by the school board for their donation of $5,200.00 to provide school uniforms to Northern County elementary middle school students in need. School guidance counselors identify and order the uniforms through the Sea Island Rotary Club, which are then distributed confidentially to the children. The project will serve approximately 150 students in Beaufort County.

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Jun 042015

Sea Island Rotary distributed funds to four local Beaufort charities at our June 2 meeting. President Larry told club members that this is one of his favorite duties, as we share the proceeds of our fundraising efforts. The charities that received checks at this meeting include CAPA (Citizens Against Child Abuse), Thumbs Up (after-school tutoring for at-risk students), Port Royal Sound Foundation, and the YMCA.

Our program was by another charitable organization Dragon Boat Beaufort, which uses races between paddling teams to help raise funds for cancer patients and survivors. A great cause!


Rotary 6-2-2015 (3)

SIRC Member and YMCA Director Mike Bostwick accepts contribution to the Y


Rotary 6-2-2015 (8)

Rosalyn Brown of Thumbs Up and Christina Wilson of CAPA express their gratitude for our contribution

Rotary 6-2-2015 (14)

President Larry is glad to give a contribution to his friend and neighbor Jody Hayward, director of the Port Royal Sound Foundation

Rotary 6-2-2015 (20)

Angie Calhoun and Kathy Haas, both cancer survivors, tell us about the Dragon Boat Beaufort organization, which raises funds for cancer patients and survivors






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Jun 042015

Last year Sea Island Rotary Club, along with others from District 7770, participated in a friendship exchange with several clubs from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, District 9370. We recently learned that the Kloof Rotary Club has been trying to find funds to install an addition at the Esibusisiweni Orphanage and Creche (pre-school). This facility is short on space and also needs a kitchen and toilets.

Because of this need and our relationship with the District 9370 Rotarians, Sea Island Rotary has allocated a portion of our charitable giving this year to this project.

Kloof Rotarians, children, and teachers at the orphanage/pre-school.

Kloof Rotarians, children, and teachers at the orphanage/pre-school.

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Nov 242014

Rotary 11-18-2014 (2) - Copy

President Elect Chuck urges us to promote Rotary.

Mike Seymour of Compassionate Beaufort Communities spoke to Sea Island Rotary Club. He explained how Beaufort is a small part of an international movement that grew out of Karen Armstrong’s book Twelve Steps to Compassion and the Charter for Compassion. Many cities and organizations have adopted the Charter for Compassion as a way to keep their focus and awareness around compassionate acts. As a reminder of this focus, Mike provided club members with cards to pass out when they see someone performing an act of compassion. The card thanks the person and asks them to pay it forward.

Rotary 11-18-2014 (5) - Copy

Mike Seymour urges us to practice compassion in our daily lives

Rotary 11-18-2014 (8)

Paul is attentive while planning for the upcoming Hunting Island Adventure Biathlon

Rotary 11-18-2014 (7) - Copy

Rion considers the message from Mike

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Sep 182013

Dear Rotarian,

The Lowcountry Rotary Club is collecting anything that goes with chicken this month for HELP of Beaufort. They wanted to let you know they are also in dire need of the following items: Peanut Butter, Jelly, Mayonnaise, small bags of sugar, small bags of flour, small bags of frits, vegetable oil, canned meats, canned tuna, canned beef stew, canned vegetables, boxed macaroni & cheese, boxed dry cereal. Any help you could give would be greatly, greatly appreciated.  If you can help HELP, please contact Charlotte.

Charlotte Ranae Gonzalez,

President of the Lowcountry Rotary Club
Email: Charlottegonzalez60@gmail.com
H Phone: 843-575-2366
O Phone: 843-522-9686

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Sep 102013

Here is another example  of an email I used to successfully sell a bunch a shrimp.  Feel free to cut and paste into your own email.  Good Luck:

Dear [NAME],

Each year my Rotary Club hosts the world’s largest rubber Shrimp Race to raise money for Charity.  We drop 5,000 rubber floating shrimp in the Beaufort River that float naturally with the tide towards the finish line. The first 10 shrimp to cross win CASH prizes totaling $5,000 and also have a chance to win the $1 Million Grand prize.

I am asking for your help by adopting a couple of shrimp for this year’s event.  The more you adopt the better your chances of winning, and the more we help charity.  100% of net proceeds go directly back to local and Rotary International charities.

Please help me TODAY by going to www.rotaryshrimprace.com and the Online Adoption Center and join the race.  Don’t forget to add Mike Mashke as your referral source. 

I really appreciate your help [NAME]!!

Service Above Self (Rotary’s Motto)

Mike Mashke

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Sep 092013

As of Friday we have about 4,300 shrimp still available for adoption.  NOW IS THE TIME TO SELL SELL SELL. Please call on your circle of influences and ask for their help for this worthy cause.

Here is a suggested email.  Just cut and paste this into your email message and hit send.  Its that easy!!


Dear Family and Friends,

 As you may remember, in 2009, the Sea Island Rotary Club, of which I am a member, held its first-ever Beaufort Charity Shrimp Race fundraiser.  The Race was a tremendous success and our Club was able to write a check for $10,000 to Polio Plus (Rotary Internationals effort to eradicate polio in the world). The last three years we had similar results and were able to support local and international children’s charities and make a substantial donation to the a Rotary international clean water fund, used to produce clean water wells one community at a time.

 On October 5, 2013 we will hold our 5th Shrimp Race and the proceeds will again support local and international children’s charities.

 The link below will give you more details on the race and how to “adopt” a shrimp with a chance to win cash prizes — $100 to $2,000 for the first 10 shrimp to cross the finish line, plus — this year — a chance to win $1,000,000!  Our Club goal is again for 5,000 shrimp to be “adopted.”  Shrimp can be adopted for just $10 through Paypal on the site below.   Please consider adopting a shrimp (or two), and truly make a difference in the world.  Plus, someone has to win those cash prizes … why not you! 

 Here is the link to adopt:  rotaryshrimprace.com Please note me as the referral as all club members have a goal.


SAVE THE DATE:  Tuesday September 17th is our Shrimp Numbering Party at the Port Royal Marina.  6 pm till about 7:30 pm.  Food and drinks will be provided.

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Jun 242013

YMCA.Big Check


The Sea Island Rotary Club recently donated $1,200 to the YMCA of Beaufort County in support of the Y’s summer camp and Learn-to-Swim programs.

“Generosity from organizations like the Sea Island Rotary Club goes very far here at the YMCA. Because of this donation, even more children will be able to attend summer camp and take part in vital swim programs. We are so appreciative,” YMCA of Beaufort County CEO Michael Bostwick said in a press release.

Beaufort County YMCA serves over 400 children ages 3-15 year old, as well as an additional 200 students within Jasper County, during the summer months. For more information on the programs, contact the YMCA at 843.522.9622 or visit www.ymcabeaufortcounty.com.

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May 022013

Highly trained and motivated rubber shrimp will mount their inner tubes and take to the water on October 5, 2013 as the Sea Island Rotary Club presents the 4th Annual Charity Shrimp Race at the Beaufort Shrimp Festival.

“The principal goal of this event is to raise money for our local charities,” says Rion Salley, Club President.  “Our signature charities include: CAPA (Child Abuse Prevention Association), Hope Haven of the Lowcountry, Lowcountry Habitat for Humanity, and various Rotary service projects.”  “The Charity Shrimp Race is the World’s largest Shrimp Race and the primary annual fundraiser for the Sea Island Rotary Club.  For the past several years we have been able to donate more than $50,000 annually toward charity,” says Salley.  “This is a wonderful way to help charity and maybe win something in return.”

The race is fun to watch for kids and adults. It is held along the sea wall at Henry Chambers Waterfront Park, during the Beaufort Shrimp Festival.

The race begins around 3 p.m. when 5,000 rubber shrimp wearing inner tubes are released from the nets of an authentic shrimp trawler into the Beaufort River. The shrimp float along in tidal current to the finish line.  Each shrimp wears a unique number corresponding to one of the numbers on a purchased adoption ticket.

The shrimp have been training all summer and are anxiously awaiting the chance at being the first across the finish line. The winning shrimp wins $2,000 for the holder of the ticket that matches the unique number on that shrimp. The second place finish wins $1,000, third place wins $750, fourth place wins $500, fifth place wins $250 and 6th through 10th places each win $100.

More exciting, if any of the first ten finishing shrimp matches the “million dollar lucky number,” the adopter of that shrimp wins $1,000,000!  Yes, that is ONE MILLION DOLLARS. The million-dollar lucky number is selected at random by a third-party Insurance provider before the race.

Adoption tickets are on sale now and are available online at www.RotaryShrimpRace.com or at local businesses such as Beaufort Chiropractic, BJHCHS Port Royal Medical Center, CBC National Bank, Bundy Appraisal & Management, CAPA’s Closet, Island Podiatry, Lowcountry Habitat ReStore, Harvey’s Barber Shop, Levin, Gilley & Fisher law firm, Palmetto State Bank, Regions Bank, Sanctuary Golf Club, Therapeutic Solutions, Wardle Family YMCA, Wells Fargo Bank, and of course from any Sea Island Rotary member.

Sea Island Rotary Club is a part of Rotary International, a worldwide organization of 1.2 million members dedicated to improving education, health and living conditions worldwide. The Rotary motto is “Service above Self.”

For more information go to www.RotaryShrimpRace.com or www.seaislandrotary.org

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