Jun 042015

Sea Island Rotary distributed funds to four local Beaufort charities at our June 2 meeting. President Larry told club members that this is one of his favorite duties, as we share the proceeds of our fundraising efforts. The charities that received checks at this meeting include CAPA (Citizens Against Child Abuse), Thumbs Up (after-school tutoring for at-risk students), Port Royal Sound Foundation, and the YMCA.

Our program was by another charitable organization Dragon Boat Beaufort, which uses races between paddling teams to help raise funds for cancer patients and survivors. A great cause!


Rotary 6-2-2015 (3)

SIRC Member and YMCA Director Mike Bostwick accepts contribution to the Y


Rotary 6-2-2015 (8)

Rosalyn Brown of Thumbs Up and Christina Wilson of CAPA express their gratitude for our contribution

Rotary 6-2-2015 (14)

President Larry is glad to give a contribution to his friend and neighbor Jody Hayward, director of the Port Royal Sound Foundation

Rotary 6-2-2015 (20)

Angie Calhoun and Kathy Haas, both cancer survivors, tell us about the Dragon Boat Beaufort organization, which raises funds for cancer patients and survivors






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Jun 042015

Last year Sea Island Rotary Club, along with others from District 7770, participated in a friendship exchange with several clubs from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, District 9370. We recently learned that the Kloof Rotary Club has been trying to find funds to install an addition at the Esibusisiweni Orphanage and Creche (pre-school). This facility is short on space and also needs a kitchen and toilets.

Because of this need and our relationship with the District 9370 Rotarians, Sea Island Rotary has allocated a portion of our charitable giving this year to this project.

Kloof Rotarians, children, and teachers at the orphanage/pre-school.

Kloof Rotarians, children, and teachers at the orphanage/pre-school.

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Jun 022015

Beaufort Middle School Principal and Sea Island Rotarian Carole Ingram shares this photo from the BMS student balloon launch. Sea Island Rotary Club sponsored this launch with a donation of funds. As you can tell, it was a tremendous success!  Carole thanks SIRC for our sponsorship and support of these students.

Weather balloon launch

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May 282015

Our May program theme has been Inside Beaufort Memorial Hospital, with a series of programs introduced by club member and BMH Chief Human Resources Officer Dave Homyk. On consecutive weeks we heard from the hospital’s Chief Information Officer, Director of Safety, and Chief Medical Officer. After the last program, President Larry asked if we could get either certificates or discount cards from the hospital after learning so much about its inner workings.

Rotary 5-12-2015 (6)

Dave introduces our BMH guest


Rotary 5-5-2015 (9)

Ed Ricks descripes the new information systems that will make communicating with the hospital easy.

Rotary 5-12-2015 (11)

Ray Brown describes the detailed planning for hurricanes and other events that the hospital must prepare for.

Rotary 5-19-2015 (7)

Dr. Kurt Gambla tells us how as Chief Medical Officer he must balance the needs of physicians, staff, and administration.



Rotary 5-19-2015 (4)

President-elect Chuck plans for his upcoming year.

Rotary 5-19-2015 (2)

DC Gilley draws the winning card to claim the grand prize.

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May 072015

Sea Island Rotary’s April 28 meeting was a little out of the ordinary. Our speaker, Stephen Schnabel of the Birds of Prey Center in Awendaw, brought two guests with him: a barred owl and a Cooper’s hawk. The guests let him speak for a while, explaining the good work that the Birds of Prey Center performs, but then they decided to take over the show. The owl made himself known from inside his crate, making mournful owl sounds during the video whenever a certain staff member spoke. Stephen told us that this owl had been brought to the center when quite young and bonded with the young woman to an extent that he called out when he saw or heard her, even on video.  The Cooper’s hawk gave us a flying demonstration inside our meeting space, causing several Rotarians to duck when he flew inches over their heads. This was definitely a demonstration and talk that got our full attention!

Rotary 4-28-2015 (4)

Stephen tells us about the habits of birds of prey

photo 3

The Cooper’s hawk addresses Sea Island Rotary

Rotary 4-28-2015 (36)

Stephen tries to calm our guest

Rotary 4-28-2015 (26)

The hawk takes off while Gayle looks the other way

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Apr 252015

The April 28 club meeting featured an unusual topic: lessons from SC Drug Court. The speakers, introduced by Rotarian Jim Grimsley, are officials with the local multi-county drug court. Mike Lee comes from a law enforcement background, have served as a City of Beaufort police officer before his (first) retirement. He was called upon by the Solicitor to restart a drug court in the region including Beaufort County and surrounding area. The purpose of the drug court was finding alternatives to incarceration in the face of a badly overcrowded state prison system. Our second speaker, Krista Grabenbauer (yes, she’s Beaufort Rotarian Gabby’s daughter-in-law) comes from a social work background. Krista, who deals directly with offenders, described the 3-step program that helps individuals get free of drug habits and live productive lives. This approach not only gives drug offenders a new start in life, but also saves the state the expenses of incarceration.

Rotary 4-21-2015 (6)

Mike Lee tells us about drug court

Rotary 4-21-2015 (10)

Krista tells us what it’s like being on the front lines in dealing with drug offenders

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Apr 152015

Sea Island Rotary’s April 14 meeting included a special presentation to Ms. Jasmina O’Neil, who was recognized as Beaufort County’s outstanding dispatcher for 2015.  Rotarian David Zeoli read the citation from Sheriff P.J.Tanner recognizing Ms. O’Neil. David commented that Jasmina’s is the voice people first hear when calling 911, and is sometimes the last voice they ever hear.

President Larry presents the award to Jasmina O'Neil, while Rotarian David Zeoli looks on

President Larry presents the award to Jasmina O’Neil, while Rotarian David Zeoli looks on

Our program featured a presentation by Kelly Thorvalson, who heads sea turtle rescue and recovery programs at the Charleston Aquarium. Kelly told us about the types of sea turtles that frequent the South Carolina Coast, the rescue situations, and the types of diagnosis and  treatment used on the turtles before they can be released into the wild.

Rotarian Carole introduces proposed Rotarian Joe Dunkle

Rotarian Carole introduces proposed Rotarian Joe Dunkle

Kelly tells us more than we ever knew about sea turtles

Kelly tells us all about caring for sick or injured sea turtles at the Charleston Aquarium

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Apr 152015

Captain David Murray of Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island gave our club a two-pronged presentation. First he gave us the history of Parris Island, which had been used by the Navy as part of the port of Port Royal before being handed over to the Marines as a recruit training depot in 1915. Captain Murray then told us of the centennial celebration events planned during this year, with open houses, runs, and many other events. We all had our calendars out to be sure we’re part of them.

Captain Murray tells us everything we didn't know about Parris Island

Captain Murray tells us everything we didn’t know about Parris Island

President-elect Chuck Ingle presented us with the banner for the next Rotary Year – Be a Gift to the World – and also described his vision for a service project for next year, which would involve cooperating with Beaufort-Jasper Comprehensive Health Services to operate a mobile dental clinic to treat under-served populations in Beaufort County. While there are still several steps to take before this vision is a reality, club members are very interested in pursuing it.

Rotary 4-7-2015 (9)

President-elect Chuck tells us about the mobile dental clinic

Rotary 4-7-2015 (8)

Rotary International theme for 2015-16

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Mar 232015

Sea Island Rotary honored several of its members with additional Paul Harris Fellowships and also recognized members of the Rotary Foundation Bequest Society. The program was presented by long-time hotel operator Vimal Desai, and was essentially an insider’s guide to choosing a hotel room and making your hotel stay comfortable and safe.

Rotary 3-17-2015 (23)

Kathy Bundy accepts recognition of her becoming a Rotary Benefactor


Rotary 3-17-2015 (24)

Jack gratefully accepts his Benefactor recognition


Rotary 3-17-2015 (13)

John and President Larry welcome Tom back after an extended absence due to injury. He get’s an additional Paul Harris Fellow to make him feel especially welcome.


Rotary 3-17-2015 (20)

Marc is honored with an additional Paul Harris Fellow recognition
















The program was presented by long-time hotel operator and Sea Island Rotarian Vimal Desai. It gave us an insider’s guide to choosing a hotel room and making your hotel stay comfortable and safe.

Rotary 3-17-2015 (5)

PE Chuck donates to the CART bucket as he brags about his Wyoming basketball team making it to the Big Dance

Rotary 3-17-2015 (6)

Framp ups the ante on behalf of his son’s record-setting 3-point barrage.







Rotary 3-17-2015 (10)

Wendy and Beaufort Rotary member Bernie Kole show off their St. Patrick’s Day outfits




Rotary 3-17-2015 (27)

Vimal Desai tells us what to look for – and watch out for – when checking into a hotel.


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Mar 192015

Sea Island Rotary got a special insight March 10 into what it takes to fly the President, First Family, cabinet officials, and foreign dignitaries from Rob Bridgers. Rob, who currently lives in Beaufort and helps to match veterans with civilian jobs, spent his career in the Army and Marines, where he became one of the pilots of Marine 1, the helicopter used to transport the President and other VIPs to and from Camp David as well as from airports to destinations both within the US and abroad. Rob was very entertaining with his description of the job and of some of the people he transported over the years during the Reagan and Bush presidencies. He managed to walk the fine line between telling what it was really like and keeping confidences.

Rotary 3-10-2015 (6)

Rob demonstrates his camouflage headgear.

Rotary 3-10-2015 (8)

The camouflage tears off and the pilot is instantly visible to search and rescue teams.

Rotary 3-10-2015 (1)

Paul gives the final report on our Hunting Island Adventure Biathlon. Thanks who all who volunteered or participated!

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