May 282015

Our May program theme has been Inside Beaufort Memorial Hospital, with a series of programs introduced by club member and BMH Chief Human Resources Officer Dave Homyk. On consecutive weeks we heard from the hospital’s Chief Information Officer, Director of Safety, and Chief Medical Officer. After the last program, President Larry asked if we could get either certificates or discount cards from the hospital after learning so much about its inner workings.

Rotary 5-12-2015 (6)

Dave introduces our BMH guest


Rotary 5-5-2015 (9)

Ed Ricks descripes the new information systems that will make communicating with the hospital easy.

Rotary 5-12-2015 (11)

Ray Brown describes the detailed planning for hurricanes and other events that the hospital must prepare for.

Rotary 5-19-2015 (7)

Dr. Kurt Gambla tells us how as Chief Medical Officer he must balance the needs of physicians, staff, and administration.



Rotary 5-19-2015 (4)

President-elect Chuck plans for his upcoming year.

Rotary 5-19-2015 (2)

DC Gilley draws the winning card to claim the grand prize.